Think Media Expert supplies professional sound equipment for music and sound touring, outdoor events, festivals, concerts, cooperate and social gathering (in all forms and sizes) both virtual and live audience, we deliver high-end services in Ghana, across Africa, and beyond.  

We also create and produce captivating contents and services uniquely tailored to every project, for big, medium & small brands in the media and entertainment industry. 

With years of experience, we are your one-stop-shop for multimedia Productions, Broadcasting, and Event Management with a commanding position in the industry.

Our team of highly skilled sound consultants, producers, events, and video directors, technicians, and engineers have a competitive experience to suit our client demands.

We are your one-stop-shop in sound, video, audio and event experts


PA Support Sysytem

Tv & Radio Production

Our PA sound solution is designed to feed 30 to over 150000 audiences. We are able to play and design electrifying sound that suits all events and occasions with our professional expertise.

We are experienced in creating and producing, educative and entertaining TV&Radio content, which provides advertising platform for a potential sponsor to generate revenue. We sometimes collaborate with various TV&Radio stations in Ghana.  We are experts in producing all form of TV and Radio commercials, music videos, movies and documentaries.

Recording & Sound mixing Services

Our recording studio is equipped with the latest equipment, sound and software offering an ideal recording environment for bands and groups looking to record a demo, mixtape, single or an album. We offer: 

Studio Recording & Sound Mixing

Location recording & Sound Mixing


With years of combined experience, Think Media Expert can ensure your corporate event has a flawless and successful execution. We have the capacity to plan, organise, coordinate, manage, produce and execute events of all kinds including Corporate Events, Public Events, Political Events, and Religious Events according to our clients’ briefing.

Audio Visual Coverage

We provide a wide range of audiovisual professional services to meet any audio and video production requirements, from individuals looking for a quality studio to record their work to large businesses looking for high-level production, we have the right space, equipment and experience to take your project straight to the big audience. 

Marketing & Advertisement

Our graphics and printing department is responsible for designing, branding, duplicating, and printing. We provide mass and small quantity printing services e.g. books, calendars, bags, T-shirts services, and more.  We design print and mounts Billboards for all legal products for corporate and individual client 

We also offer: 

Equipment Rental

We have a wide range of audio equipment available for hire, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and it all comes with full technical support. We offer the following rental services: 






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